Ada Registry API Documentation

The goal of the API

This API is intended to be simple and easy to use. It should be easy to use and easy to extend. The API should hide where the configuration data is physically stored. Also it should be easy to add new "drivers" for other storage locations.

Currently the configuration data can be stored on plain text files or on the windows registry.

Some definitions

Section or Subsection A logical division and grouping of Keys
Key A key belongs to a section and can have a value
Value The Configuration value

Implementation on Windows

On Windows the naming scheme is different and may have an other meaning on my Ada-API. This is somewhat confusing.

Naming on the Ada-API Windows naming scheme
Section or Subsection Key
Key The name part of a value
Value The data part of a value

Implementation for files

A section starts with [ on the first position of a line and ends with ]. Subsections are like normal sections, but it contains the full path, separated with \

All other lines are treated as Key/Value pairs, where between the Key and the Value stands a =.

The Api Documentation.

The driver part of the API.