Patches for Graphtft

Patches for Graphtft

All patches are incorporated into the official repository:

Support for the radio plugin

Image Plugin This patch implements support for displaying the RDS-data of the radio plugin. The patch is against the svn-version of the graphtft plugins and contains changes, that the svn-version will compile with gcc 4.4.

The DeepBlue theme requires a patch since there seems to be a bug in the parser. DeepPurple and Alien vs. Predator works correct.

Support for the image plugin

Image Plug in This patch supports the display of the number of pictures. Also the image displayed at TV is displayed at the graphtft-Display.

Patch for VDR 1.7.14

To compile graphtft with vdr 1.7.14 the following patch must be applied to a plain vdr 1.7.14: vdr-1.7.14-plain-graphtft.diff.gz